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Green Tees Co. started as a thought on July 1st, 2018 while driving from our home in Whitefish, Montana to explore Kintla Lake in Glacier National Park. With t-shirts on & cameras in hand, we set out to explore the land we love.


That’s when the idea hit us... It was simple: Tees with a purpose.


It's evident that there is an ever-growing community of green-thinking individuals, but how could we connect to truly make a difference? After all, a group is much stronger than any individual.


We realized that bringing people together to make a difference could be done through something that we all have in common: We all wear shirts.


Green Tees Co. products are more than just something you wear. They symbolize a passion for change - A movement of individuals who care about protecting this big globe that we call home.

Every purchase from Green Tees Co. means that you are helping our earth by donating to one of our selected non-profit organizations. 


So... Wear a shirt. Make a statement & make a difference along the way.


Lets do this!




Amanda & Alex


Green Tees Co